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Hybrid Water Softener
Water Softening is the oldest and simplest ion exchange technology, water softening can be defined as the removal of Calcium and Magnesium from water. Water softening resins are easily fouled by metals and can be damaged by chlorine levels as low as 0.3 ppm. Soft water is easily recognized by it’s distinctive slimy feel and soda taste.  Our Softening Solution softens water and addresses Heavy Metals in water with our AquaPro 2.0 Hybrid resin.
Next Generation Hybrid Water Softener
Providing More Than Just Soft Water!
SXTi Customizable LCD DIR Control
Softener Design Considerations

AquaPro 500-2 Hybrid Resin 
(Hardness and Heavy Metals)

                   Calcium               Magnesium
                   Iron                      Copper
                   Zinc                     Chromium
                   Lead                    Mercury
                   Nickel                  Manganese
                   Lithium                Aluminum
                   Silver                  Gallium
                   Germanium         Antimony
                   Bismuth               Cadium