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Why Choose An IWP Water System?
Taking control of water quality is one of the most important decisions you can make.  Crusader Branded Product lines are simply the smartest choice because:

High Water Hardness:  The harder your water is the larger a system must be to remove contaminants effectively.  If a system is too large it will waste water and salt while potentially allowing your system to be contaminated with bacteria. If a system is too small, it will fail to process all the hardness from the water and potentially impede water flow. Ours systems work well, even at extremely high hardness levels and water flow rates.

Extreme Water Temperatures:  Although cold water tastes good, it is not good for water softening, conditioning or filtration equipment; it can reduce system operating capacity by as much as 60%. Undersized systems will have a much greater chance of failing when the influent water is cold. Elevated water temperatures present their own set of problems like promoting bacterial growth, interfering with backwash flow efficacy and even increasing corrosion in certain cases. ProFlow systems are specifically designed to function properly at the unique water temperatures in each region where they are sold.

Chlorine & Chloramine: Most ion-exchange based water softening, conditioning and filtration media will degrade at a minimum average rate of 5% - 10% per year (attrition) due to chlorine alone. Our proprietary media has a much slower chlorine attrition rate than traditional softening resins. 

Iron & Heavy Metals: Even after leaving the city plant meeting or exceeding EPA minimum standards, your water can absorb and collect contaminants such as copper, zinc, lead, rust, and manganese before it reaches your home. These are sometimes potentially harmful to humans, but they are always harmful to your water system unless it is specifically designed to properly address these threats. ProFlow systems are designed to address a broad spectrum of metallic challenges.

Fluctuating Water Chemistry: Hardness and heavy metal levels will fluctuate over time, causing inconsistent water quality and forcing regular systems to use excessive amounts of salt to clean themselves. 9100TSi technology solves that problem - delivering a virtually unlimited supply of good water while saving on salt and water.

Heterotrophic Plate Count Bacteria (HPC’s): Your city produces water that is free of bacteria and safe to consume. HPC’s can live in piping, water meters, fittings and regulating valves. While HPC’s are benign they can be a home for pathogenic bacteria. HPC’s can grow and colonize in a water system in as little as four days; even with chlorine or chloramine in the water. Our systems are specifically designed to use ProGuard or ProGuard Plus as well as regenerating appropriately to minimize this risk and keep your water clean.

These technologies were developed locally in the field by Certified Water Specialists to provide the very best water quality.
Traditional softeners are designed to be as cheap as possible while appealing to the broadest market. The design philosophy behind the ProFlow and Crusader Brand is to produce the very best results by blending the highest quality components and proprietary hybrid medias. This approach ensures that you can specify the best solutions available to address the contaminants in your water.