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Water softeners process thousands of pounds of calcium every single year to protect you from hardness scale accumulation and the harmful effects of calcium and soap interactions. Since your water softener is incessantly exposed to salt and hard water, it is constantly being abused by minerals and metals while also being exposed to halophilic (salt-loving) bacteria as well as various airborne molds, yeasts, and fungus that can exist in the air and settle in a brine tank.

ProGuard is an innovative compound that cleans, disinfects, and protects water softening, conditioning, filtration and purification systems when applied by a water treatment professional. The ProGuard brand represents a broad-based group of innovative chemical compounds developed to clean, protect, and disinfect water quality management systems while enhancing efficiency, effectiveness, and cleaning power.

Each of the various ProGuard formulations is tailor-made for specific applications, such as:

              Residential Water Softener Protection                       Recovery of Hydrocarbon-fouled Resins
              Commercial Water Softener Protection                      Disinfection of Water Treatment Equipment
              Industrial Water Softener Protection                           Protection & Cleaning of RO Membranes

Cleaning Residential and Commercial Water Softeners

Water softeners and conditioners are some of the hardest working appliances in use today.  Whether protecting a Home or a Commercial Building, an ion exchange system is exposed to numerous waterborne contaminants like:

                                Iron                                                  Halophilic Bacteria
                                Calcium and Magnesium                 Hydrocarbons
                                Lead, Copper, Zinc, Mercury           Slime-forming organisms
                                Organics                                          Mold and Fungus

Traditional resin cleaners are formulated to be as cheap as possible while appealing to the broadest market.  The design philosophy behind the ProGuard Brand is to produce the very best results by blending the highest quality components and base chemistries.  The approach ensures that you can specify the best solutions available to your clients.

Numerous ProGuard formulations are available that work quickly and effectively on all brands on residential, commercial and industrial cation exchange systems in a variety of applications from regular softening to iron removal and boiler pre-treatment.