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Why Choose an IWP WATER Treatment Professional
Effective water quality management depends on so much more than just a well designed and expertly-crafted system.  The effectiveness and longevity of your water quality management solution also depends on the professionals who will assist you...

Our Water Quality Management Solutions are only available to authorized professionals.  

Your local Certified Water Treatment Specialist knows how to make the most of the unique advantages engineered into every system, as well as how to size, select, and maintain it properly:

• Installation Expertise – A Professional will make sure that your system is installed correctly and safely, to ensure that it reliably delivers every ounce of performance possible.

• Local Water Knowledge – Your local Professional knows and understands the water problems common to your area, which empowers them to recommend the most effective, efficient and affordable system every time.

• Industry Experts – IWP water quality solutions are not just products, they are backed by over 100 years of industry-leading experience. Our advisory board includes a hand-picked team of experts spanning all facets of the water treatment technology spectrum who provide design input as well as innovative impetus to ensure that Our Products are the very best.

• Unmatched Technology – While utilizing Pentair’s industry-leading drive-train, our experts have developed unique hardware and software enhancements to ensure that cutting-edge industry philosophies are used to provide you with the very best water. 

• Relentless Customer Service – Water Professionals are dedicated to improving water quality worldwide. When you choose IWP to assist in managing your water quality, you are choosing an industry professional who is committed to solving your problems and making you happy.

There is a real satisfaction in knowing that your water quality is being managed efficiently, effectively, and economically.  The best way to get that assurance is to choose industry-leading products, and to back them up with the solid support and sound advice of your local Water Treatment Specialist.   WQA Certified Specialists on staff.
Certified Water Specialist (CWS): 
Water Treatment Professionals who provide solutions to “problem water” issues and health related contaminants.
Master Water Specialists (MWS):
Certified Water Specialists with a minimum of 5 years’ experience in treatment design for problem water applications and greater expertise in optimizing tank-based treatment systems and IX softener efficiency, aeration, whole-house RO, mixed bed systems, water chemistry, and residential deionization technologies.