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IWP is the Master Dealer and Distributor of Crusader Water Treatment Products. We believe our advanced technologies will become the new standard for performance, consistency and efficiency in the 21st century..... 

Crusader Water System technologies were developed to provide the very best water quality. Traditional softeners are designed to be as cheap as possible while appealing to the broadest market. The design philosophy behind the Crusader Brand is to produce the very best results by blending the highest quality components and proprietary hybrid Medias. This approach ensures that you can specify the best solutions available to address contaminants in your water. 

Crusader Water Systems are some of the finest water systems available today. Leveraging best-in-class engineering and manufacturing technology, they are built to make your water better while saving you time and money. Every Crusader Water System comes with a warranty, and we are committed to honoring our warranties throughout your system’s lifespan. We believe in our products and respect our commitments to you.

Look what we can do for you:

Water Softeners
Water Filtration
Advanced Well Water Treatment
Custom Well Water Treatment
Purification Systems
Whole House Reverse Osmosis
Salt Free Solutions
Maintenance Programs
Service of Fleck and Clack Valve Systems
Commercial Water Treatment

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